Thursday, April 10, 2014

Easter T Shirt!

This is my first attempt at doing a T Shirt. I had a lot of fun making it but it took forever and I still have a lot to learn. I think the image could have been bigger and up a tiny bit more on the shirt. But Jared is happy with it none the less!

Thank you for stopping by to look:)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Yes Another tooth Fairy Pillow!

   Am I driving you all crazy with tooth fairy pillow posts? LOL
Any way I wanted to share another I did. This one is way smaller but still cute none the less!
I do have some scrap book pages I will share this week too:)

Check out my Etsy shop for more:) I am adding more each day!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Another Cute Tooth Fairy Pillow

 Boy am I having fun making these!!!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

To order a personalized pillow please click here.

See other pillows I have done.
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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Personalized Tooth Fairy Pillows

 Are these not  Super Cute!!!! My little one just recently started loosing his teeth so I whipped him a pillow. He really love it! The front has a pocket to leave your tooth in and for the tooth fairy to leave the money in it too. And the back has a pocket for the little one to write the tooth fairy a letter and put it in there. And maybe the tooth fairy might leave one back!
 He carries it all over the place!

 So I decided to whip them up for sale. 25.00 dollars includes shipping. Free Shipping in US only. Contact me to calculate shipping outside of US before you order. If you would like one please use the paypal link below. If you dont have paypal CONTACT ME to make other arrangements.
 If you buy these from my Etsy Shop they are 19 plus shipping.
Prices subject to change.

Please note I ask in the paypal process general info like colors (hair skin ). Pick closest. I will send an email of colors closest to your choice to make sure we get as close as we can. And I will send pics of available fabric choices for the pillow as well.

Eventually I will have color samples up here for you to choose from but until then we will do this way:) As I am just getting started making these to sell and will tweek this page and how to order as I go.

Thank you so much:)

Also if you are Local ( CNY Syracuse Fulton Oswego )Please let me know and I can hand deliver to you so you dont have to wait for shipping.
Due to the fact that these are personalized I require payment before I make the pillow.


If you buy these from my Etsy Shop they are 19 plus shipping. Not the 25 shipping included like here on the blog.
Prices subject to change.

Allow me 5 - 7 days from the time you order to get the pillow made.

25.00 free shipping in US only. BLOG order only.

Hair Color
Name Of Child

See other pillows I have done.
Click here to go to gallery

For more items check out my Etsy Shop Here!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

More Tooth Fairy Pillows

I just wanted to show of my latest two tooth fairy pillows.
I am having so much fun making these!

Its a shame I ran out of this material. It sure is cute!

Thanks for looking:)

To order a personalized pillow please click here.
To see all the ones I have done to date GO HERE

Check out my Etsy Shop Here

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